All Hallow’s Eve Party

by Josée
We don’t remember what we did for All Hallow’s Eve last year. Monkey was only 9 months old so we probably stayed home, shut off the lights and curled up on our couch for a movie and popcorn. This year, however, we were inspired by Jessica to celebrate the eve of All Saints Day a little differently. We happily accepted an invitation to an All Hallow’s Eve party at a friends house and agreed to dress up as a saint and organize some fun games.
Getting ready was fun. Jeremie dressed as St. Brendan, Josee as St. Helena, Monkey as St. Peter, Squirrel is still gestating and Angel (our student from Korea) dressed as an Angel. We organized three games: St. Anthony’s Lost and Found, Place a Bird on St. Francis (pin the tail on the donkey style) and an All Saint’s Day crossword puzzle. Other games organized were a halo toss and an outdoor pumpkin search.
I can proudly say that our team won the pumpkin search and got the BIG sparklers as a prize. What fun!
St. Peter and Minnie Mouse

St. Peter sneaking some popcorn

St. Brendan cutting Pizza

St. Anthony’s Lost & Found

Pin the bird on St. Francis (a little strange I know…)

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