by Josée

A bookshelf can tell a lot about a family. When I’m visiting people, I like to take a peak at their bookshelf. Luckily for me the bookshelf is usually placed in the visiting area of the home, like the living room, so I don’t look too snoopy or strange if I catch a glance of the bookshelf as I walk by or even if I stand there for a minute or two. A lot of people like it when you look at their bookshelf because your showing interest in things that they treasure or enjoy – it’s a great conversation starter!

We really enjoy books in our home so our bookshelves are filled with books – lots of books! I’m always adding and removing books from our collection. I wish I could buy all the books on my amazon wish list, but then we’d be eating beans every night for dinner. We also use our bookshelves for storing our many boardgames and a few toys for Monkey.

Here is our living room bookshelf. We have two more bookshelves downstairs. I wish this bookshelf always looked tidy like this. The bottom two shelves are Monkey’s board books and toys. The middle shelves have a collection of Catholic, mothering, fathering and music books. The top shelf has Monkey’s special toys and boardgames. What’s on your bookshelf?

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FrancesEden November 5, 2009 - 5:37 am

I always look at people's bookshelves! I love finding similar books, or themes. You can always tell if you will be friends that way:)


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