Canning Pears

by Josée
At the end of summer I was tired of canning. I had canned a bunch of jams, jellies and chutneys with my sister-in-law and 40lbs of pickles on my own. Thankfully I’ve had a few months to recover so when I found pears by the case I bought 16lbs of them. I probably canned less than that amount because Monkey kept on sneaking into the stash and taking bites out of these tasty pears.
Monkey sneaking a pear from the stash on the dining room table.
Yum, another juicy pear!
 Unfortunately for me there will probably be some yucky diapers in the near future.

I made seven quarts of pears.

I won’t describe the canning process since there are already a lot of websites out there that do. I will mention though that I pre-treated my pears in Fruit Fresh and boiled them in a light syrup (2 cups sugar to 6 cups water) for 3 minutes before canning them. They look delicious and I can’t wait to eat them with crepes.

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