Soother Weaning

by Josée
Last night Monkey woke up three times whining for his sus-sus (soother). Jeremie went to find it twice. Usually the soother is under the crib so you have to crawl around on the floor in the dark when your half asleep to find it. When Monkey woke for it a third time we tumbled out of bed grumpily and decided that it was time to wean him. This morning I looked at a few pacifier weaning articles. Dr. Bill Sears says that “the best methods for all types of weaning are gradual and involve substitutes” Pacifiers: In or Out?. Since Monkey is only allowed to have his soother in the crib and on road trips I think were going to try removing it’s use all at once. I think the next few days will be tough :S
Monkey enjoying his soother on a train in Italy.

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Chelsea Rae November 30, 2009 - 8:52 pm

Yikes! Good luck with that!!


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