Naptime Nightmares

by Josée

It’s been over a week since we took away Monkey’s soother. His nighttime sleeping has improved drastically; he no longer wakes up because he’s lost his soother. On the downside, he stopped napping during the day! I know he still needs a nap because he yawns and whines and trips over his own feet, but he won’t nap. Instead he’ll sit in his crib for two hours chatting, bouncing, and disrobing (even taking his diaper off) but not sleeping. He’s so cranky and tired the rest of the day I can barely tolerate him and he usually wants to go to sleep right after dinner. Last night I was so frustrated and tired that we tried to keep him up late to see if that would help, but so far no luck. Today when I put him down he started kicking his crib apart so I took everything out of his room and put the mattress on the floor and closed him into his room.

I don’t know what to do anymore, any tips or ideas would be appreciated 🙂

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