Bed Rest Diversion #3: Reading

by Josée

I’m still on bed rest. My tightenings seem to come in spurts and then go away for a while. I’m supposed to drink a lot of fluid but a full bladder seems to give my more tightenings – it’s sort of a balancing act. I haven’t been back to the hospital since getting my second dose of betamethasone Saturday night. “One day at a time” is my motto.

Today I did some sock knitting, pillow case embroidering, Monkey watching and reading. My wonderful husband went to the library and took out two full bags of books for me to read. He took out a few books on preemies which I found a little scary so I shelved them. Instead I started reading a slightly less depressing book: The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism is Harming our Young Men. It’s an interesting book filled with a lot of statistics and random facts about boys in North America. If I finish it I’ll share more thoughts.

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