Bed Rest Diversion #4: Family

by Josée

Bed rest is purgatorial. It definitely feels like “a place of temporal punishment“. I feel this way mostly because I’m so use to running around and doing this, that or the other thing. It’s difficult for me to turn a blind eye to the dust bunnies sitting in the corners of the room or the sticky fingerprints here and there. I have to remember to take a breath and let it go, growing a healthy baby is my priority right now.

I have been very blessed though. My MIL has graciously come to spend the last two days with Monkey and I. She has been wonderful and Monkey is learning lots of new things with her. Yesterday they made these oatmeal raisin cookies and everyone has been enjoying them since. This afternoon my younger brother is coming by for a visit while my MIL runs a few errands. Family is such a blessing!

Today I embroidered a butterfly on a green pillowcase and finished my first pair of knitted socks. Getting these two things done made me feel somewhat productive. Enjoy the pictures and I’ll be sure to update you with my next bed rest diversion soon.

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