Bed Rest Diversion #6: Making Lists

by Josée

I am a list maker. I write lists for cooking, shopping, cleaning, fixing, and making things. These days I’ve been stuck to a chair or bed most of the time so I’ve been writing, reviewing and re-writing lists. Don’t worry I won’t post all of them but I will share my Homemade Frozen Meals (wish) list for before the baby is born. If you have any suggestions for my list please share them!

Homemade Frozen Meals
Breakfast burritos

American Lasagna (done!)
Chicken enchiladas
Chicken pot pie
Mini meat loaves
Irish stew

Desserts + Baking
Cinnamon rolls
Raisin bran muffins
Assortment of cookies

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FrancesEden January 22, 2010 - 4:34 am

Glad you can still feel productive! I am sorry you are getting a little stir-crazy, but baby likes it so much better in there than out here. You're doing a great job! Thinking of you lots these days 🙂


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