Bed Rest Diversion #8: Frog Cupcakes

by Josée

I really wanted to make chocolate “frog” cupcakes for Monkey’s birthday yesterday but I wasn’t able to. Today with all the helping hands around the house I coached (or coerced) Angel and my brother to make them. For the chocolate cupcake and butter cream icing I used a recipes from The America’s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book (a must have!). To decorate the cupcakes I used large marshmallows for the eyes. I cut a third off the bottom of a large marshmallow and then divided it into two pieces (picture an upside down U). The icing was coloured green, black and red and then slathered and piped on (so much fun!).

Monkey was trilled to see Froggie (AKA Nouille (grenouille), Waa-Waa) on a muffin and was a little unsure about eating it at first. Once he ate the eyes, there was no stopping him.

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