Books of the Week

by Josée

I finally finished reading The Way of Boys: Raising Healthy Boys in a Challenging and Complex World and I really liked it. Would I buy it? Yep. If you have a boy I really suggest that you give it a read. It has helped me to readjust my expectations of Monkey and has made me realize that Monkey is really a very healthy boy. I could write a lot about this book. I really liked the chapters discussing discipline since it confirmed what I was experiencing. Time out in a corner? Waste of energy! Speedy removal of toy or from situation? Much better. Act first – explain later, and be consistent!

Lately Monkey and I have been enjoying books by Jez Alborough.  They are so much fun to read because they rhyme, have great art and end in a surprising funny way. Eventually I’d like to add them to our library collection. These are our favorites so far:

Duck in the Truck

Hit the Ball Duck

Fix it Duck

Some Dogs Do

I’ve also been reading books about childbirth. Some of the books are part of my library and others I’ve borrowed. If you are pregnant here are some books that you may want to check out:

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth
When I read this book the first time (pregnant with Monkey) I was a little shocked by it. Women calling their contractions “rushes” and having orgasmic births. After going through one childbirth and now reading this book a second time, I have a better appreciation for the crunchiness of this book and I hope its ideas will help me achieve a more calm childbirth.

The Birth Partner
This is a great book for those who want to attend your birth. Husbands, mothers, friends and especially yourself (if you are having a baby) should read it. It’s full of practical tips and suggestions.

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