Carnival d’hiver

by Josée

Lent is approaching quickly so it’s the perfect time to go to a winter carnival. Our winter carnival is organized by the local French community (which we are part of because we’re French!) so it’s filled with French food and French activities. Monkey had a lot of fun and so did we. Here are some pictures of the festivities 🙂

La tire sure la neige. Monkey wasn’t so sure at first, but he loved it.
Pure maple syrup is boiled in a huge pot. The stirring and watching are very important jobs. The maple syrup has to hit a specific temperature before it can be poured on snow.  My Papa (Dad) was the expert in charge of this important task and he did a great job!
The maple syrup is ladled onto the snow to cool and then wrapped on a stick.
Here is my Maman (Mom) pouring the syrup while I wrap it on the stick.
My Maman, brother and myself. It’s quite the family event!
There are definite perks to making this stuff. You get to eat the biggest pieces and they are so delicious 😀
After eating all the sweet maple syrup, you need to find a way to use all that sugar flowing in your blood. Here Hubby and my brother are competing in the log cutting tournament – they won this round 🙂

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FrancesEden February 8, 2010 - 2:35 am

I love la tire! One of my fondest memories is being in vieux Quebec and having it right in the street. I felt so authentically french 🙂 J'adore carnival… I am sure there is one happening somewhere out here, just gotta hunt it down!

tatiana May 26, 2010 - 10:51 pm

i had heard about this from an advertisement at the university, but there was no location posted on it! i would have loved to go, and i think i will next year if i can make it. could you give me any more information?


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