Toys, Toys, Toys

by Josée
Yesterday, Jen over at Wildflower and Marbles had a fantastic blog about toys. She gave some great tips about toys and offered some really good ideas for purchasing toys. Inspired by her post, and hoping to get some of you to check it out, I figured I’d write a little something about toys too. Once you start having children it’s amazing how quickly the toys pile up in your home. Monkey is two which means he’s had two birthday (three if you count his “birth” day), two Christmases and two Easters and as a result “too” many toys 🙂 I rarely buy him toys and when I do it’s usually second hand. I’ve talked to a few moms and moms-to-be about “toy philosophy” and there is a huge range of opinions and ideas out there. After reflecting a little, I thought I would share our “home toy philosophy”:

The toys in our home should enrich our children’s learning and development by allowing them to explore, imagine and be themselves. Quality is more important than quantity and simple toys allow more freedom of play than complex toys (think battery operated). Our toys should also reflect the interests our children which is often shaped by their nature (yes! I am totally for “gender stereotyped toys” like pretty dolls and big trucks). 

Over the last two years I’ve taken note of what Monkey likes and what he isn’t interested in (which we’ve happily given away). Here are some of the toys he’s liked over the last year:

  • Mega blocks
  • Sorting and Stacking toys (e.g. stacking cups)
  • Puppets
  • Board books 
  • Wooden Puzzles
  • Cars, trucks and trains (wooden or non-electric)
  • Ride on car (non-electric)
  • Balls
I’m sure there are others but that’s what came to my mind first. I really like the wooden toys made by Melissa & Doug and I’d like to invest in some nice play silks.
What are your thoughts about toys? What kind of toys is(are) your little one(s) interested in right now?

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FrancesEden February 14, 2010 - 4:28 am

Hmmm, toys. I have always sorta thought along the same vein, that kids really don't need many toys, and they can make normal things into toys etc. Some toys have been given to us, and they sure do entertain Piper. I don't feel right buying toys, as she has been given some, but the other day I did buy her a ball! A nice small one (maybe a really large grapefruit?) and it has all the planets on it (something to make mom feel better)! She had seen a ball at the pool from across the room and pointed at it with a stunned look in her eyes like "I must have that thing!", so I do like fulfilling those "wants".
Some of her favorite toys at the moment are:
– any Little People (fits perfectly in her hands)
– any sort of ribbon, big or small, or even string
– plastic cups/dishes
– big stuffed bear (like, nearly life sized- she really beats on him)
– any empty box/bin that she can empty and fill…

How do go about the whole "gift" thing, like for a birthday? Is there a nice way to ask for "no useless, battery operated toys that are huge and cumbersome and hollow and take up an unusual amount of space"? Kinda worried about for #1 birthday.


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