Watching Anime

by Josée

Have you ever watched an anime? When hubby first asked me if I wanted to watch an anime with him (quite a few years ago) a picture of Sailor Moon popped into my head  “mmm… not so interested Honey”. Somehow (it must have been those gorgeous blue eyes) he convinced me to sit down and watch an episode of something. Afterward, I reluctantly agreed that it was actually quite funny. Since then, we’ve watched a bunch of different animes together and we just started watching a new one together a few nights ago. Now you have to be careful with animes, some of them are great (and clean) and others are violent and filled with brazen nudity. I’m pretty picky about the animes I watch but here are the ones I’ve enjoyed:

Angelic Layer

Full Metal Alchemist

DN Angel

Right now we are watching Death Note. It’s very dark (“note” the scary picture) and I’m still not sure about it…. we’ll see how the story unfolds.

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FrancesEden February 14, 2010 - 4:27 am

Ok, my brother has watched so much anime, he is nearly fluent in Japanese. No joke. It's getting sorta ridiculous!

Michelle Pendlelton August 24, 2011 - 12:29 pm

Which Full Metal Alchemist series did you watch? Did you watch the first one or did you watch the remake? You should do a marathon of the Brotherhood series since this closely follows the story of the manga. o/


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