Being Overdue – 41 Weeks + 2 days

by Josée

I was 11 days overdue with Monkey but for some reason I’m finding it much more difficult to be overdue with this baby. I think it’s because I’ve been mentally preparing myself for the arrival of this one since 32 weeks when we had our threatened preterm labour scare. Really, I’m not surprised that I’m overdue. My mom was overdue with all three of her pregnancies but she never was induced. I’m really hoping that I won’t be induced.

Yesterday I took a labour inducing cocktail (yuck!) and I last night I was getting a lot of mild contractions. I thought I was on my way into active labour. But alas! I woke up this morning well rested, still pregnant… and quite cranky :S

I’m starting to do what I imagine many overdue Mamas do these days…Google frantically to find that “miraculous” thing that will get this baby out! I’ve scanned the list of items and I’m coming up with a game plan for tomorrow if nothing starts tonight. Watch out baby, you’re not staying in there forever!

Note the laissez-faire style at 41 weeks 🙂

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FrancesEden March 16, 2010 - 5:16 pm

It's perogies tonight, right? I am banking on those perogies for you. Just eat all of them. Maybe lots of saurcraut? Who knows. I tried all of those on-line suggestions and nothing worked. Piper came 13 days late, on her own watch. In my mind, being pregnant until 42 weeks is normal… Just think of it that way!


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