Book of the Week

by Josée

Slow Death by Rubber Duck is about how toxic substances, commonly found in household items, are negatively affecting our health. I actually enjoyed reading this book. I say actually because so many books about the environment are “gloom and doom” depressing and paranoid. However, this book is insightful, provocative and even funny at times. Yes, some of the information is downright disturbing and makes me want to get rid of stuff in our house: plastic toys, tupperware, and teflon to name a few. But reading this book has been an eye opener for me, I even started checking the health hazard of some of the cosmetics we use at home through the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database and was shocked by what I saw. Luckily our Ivory bar soap is only a 3/10 health hazard but I can’t say the same for our baby shampoo – yikes!

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