Clipping Coupons

by Josée

Do you clip coupons for grocery shopping? I thought clipping coupons was a scam to make you buy stuff that you really didn’t need in the first place. However, a little while ago, on a cold wintry day, I wrapped myself in my favorite Peruvian blanket and did some much needed web-surfing. Somehow I came across, a website that celebrates Canadians that like to be frugal and save money. Curiously, I scanned through the coupons forum and was surprised (actually shocked) to find that there were coupons out there for products that I do occasionally buy. But to prove to myself that I wasn’t going to fall for the scam of buying the product simply because I had a little coupon, I would wait until the product went on sale and then spring on the opportunity to land a wicked deal! Like the time I bought shaving gel for $0.59 – boo-yah!

I don’t use a lot of coupons, maybe only a couple each week. I try to keep them organized in a recipe box which is a bit of a challenge. But anyways, this post isn’t only about my coupon ventures. I want to hear about yours. Do you clip? Why or why not? Any favorite places to get coupons? And if you don’t have any clipping experiences yet, here are some Canadian coupons sites to check out:

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FrancesEden March 15, 2010 - 4:48 am

Ha! Marrying into a Dutch family, any opportunity to get something for cheap is celebrated.
I am not a big "clipper", I like the ones that come in the mail with free product (see, how Dutch am I!?). I especially like diaper coupons, even though we use cloth most of the time, it is great to get diapers for cheap. I also wait for things to go on sale with a coupon. The cheapest I've paid for a diaper to date has been $0.17 each. I am waiting to beat that.

And the next real issue is whether or not it is "coop-on" or "Q-pawn"? I'm a "coop-on"-er.


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