Cloth Produce Bags

by Josée

More and more people are bringing cloth bags to stores when they shop. The fact that many stores are now charging a small fee for their plastic bags helps, but I think they should charge more. Really, $0.05 is hardly a deterrent for a lot of folks. Why not charge $0.25 or even $1.00! I know I would rather juggle my purchases around in my arms than pay $1.00 for a flimsy plastic bag… that will probably break apart as soon as I try and stuff everything in it anyways.

One of my projects this month was to make or buy cloth produce bags. Even though we use cloth bags to haul out our groceries most of the items we buy are wrapped in plastic. I entertained the thought of sewing some small bags, but I wanted to test drive a few models first.

My parents bought mesh style produce bags that cinch together at the top with a string. They are definitely “breathable” but not good for bulk foods that would fall through the holes (flour, cornmeal). Also, the string adds extra weight at the check out.

A mesh bag.

Keeping this in mind I ordered some bags from Kootsacs. The store carries silk, ripstop nylon and 100% silk bags. The nylon and cotton bags work best for produce so I order two of each. Added bonus – the bag don’t have strings on them! I received my bags today and I really like them, they’ll get their first test drive this Saturday.

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