Garage Sales

by Josée

Yes! It’s that time of year. Fluorescent signs are popping up all over the city proclaiming the return of garage sale season. I love those signs almost as much as the tulips sprouting in my garden. However, the one problem with those signs is their small text that I can never read. It doesn’t help that as soon as Hubby sees one the car jolts forward and he tries to speed by. I’ve gotten around this problem, much to Hubby’s disappointment, by bringing along a handy garage sale map. Today, I managed to see a couple of the season’s first garage sales. My find of the day are these threading toys for Monkey.

How about you? Are you a garage sale-er? Last year was my first year of intense garage sale-ing. I went almost every Saturday morning for a few months. Ah the thrill! My favorites items to look for are books, kids clothes and toys and art supplies. What are yours?

Garage sale-ing: (verb) the act of going to garage sales.
Garage sale-er: (noun) the person doing the garage sale-ing.

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cruberg April 11, 2010 - 5:27 am

Oh Josee how much I wish I was up there with you looking for treasures! I went to my first kids swap today and it was so much fun! I didn't get anything simply because I don't have my baby yet so don't know whether to buy boy / girl stuff. However, it sure was fun to look! Looking forward to hearing about more sweet finds 🙂


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