Plastics Contest: The Result

by Josée

After one week of picking things out of the garbage I can proudly say that we only made three small (20″ by 22″) bags of garbage. Our compost is back up and running, and the recycling is piling up under the kitchen sink (as usual). Sweetpea has been sporting cloth diapers most of the week and Monkey alternates between undies, cloth training pants and pull-ups.

What did I learn over the last week? It’s very difficult to live plastic free but not all plastics are created equal. Some can be recycled and others get thrown in the bin. Every time I threw plastic food wrap in the garbage I wondered if I would decompose before it did. Sort of a grim thought, I know, but I’ve seriously entertained the thought of not buying anymore plastic wrap once our roll runs out.

I’ve also been looking into ways to replace or eliminate commonly used plastic items in our home with more eco-friendly options. I’ll be posting my finds over the next few weeks.

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Magimah April 19, 2010 - 11:26 pm

Well tonight will tell the tale. But this weekend I unwrapped about flats of cans, resulting in 6 plastic covers..nasty. It was interesting to see how we use plastic, it's all over. Right now I think I'm at half a garbage can and I cringe every time I look. The kids are followin suit. To Natalie called me, she was concerned about buying granola bars because of the plastic wrapper. We plan to start making our own granola bars. All in all we live in a world of convience, we have to try to buy less prepackage food, it will make us healthier and make our planet a little bluer!


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