Reducing Household Waste: #1 Cloth Diapers

by Josée

This morning I picked a banana peal out of the garbage. With the Plastics Challenge under way I couldn’t ignore it. Now that day 1 is complete, I can proudly say that we only have 2/3 a small bag of garbage.

Using cloth diapers makes a huge dent in our household’s waste! I can’t say the same the laundry though, but luckily for me I don’t mind doing laundry. Besides being better for the environment, cloth diapers are better for your little one too. Disposables are filled with harmful ingredients that have been linked to asthma, cancer and brain damage (Less Toxic Guide) – Yikes! There are even benefits for you, like saving your hard earned money.

Right now, I’ve got Swetpea in unbleached cotton pre-folds with Thirsties covers (no leaks – love em!). Monkey grew out of the BumGenius 3.0 pocket diapers a while back so we’ve been using disposable diapers for him. But! I am determined not to let disposable dipes be our downfall in this contest so he’s been wearing undies and peeing all over the floor instead. Why am I doing this again?

Do you use cloth diapers? What’s you favorite dipe? Have you thought of using cloth diapers?

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cruberg April 14, 2010 - 12:44 am

Hi Josee – loved this post! Andres and I are still thinking about whether or not we will go cloth or disposable – I really want to try the cloth route but Andres is skeptical. He wants to be very involved in our baby's care, and I want to make sure he is comfortable with what we choose. I have checked out these Thirsty diapers you suggested – sounds interesting! Any more suggestions or helpful hints you can provide I'll be excited about! Prices in particular, and how many you bought that are for newborn sizes etc. Thank you for the Easter card by they way, I just got it today. I have a package for you that I've been procrastinating sending – hopefully I'll have it in the mail this week! Take care 🙂

Magimah April 14, 2010 - 1:04 am

Today was a success, we have only a few items in the garbage can. A plastic container that had prepared pineapple in it..that won't be purchased again! and a bag that had chinese style noodles in it and some odd plastic. A co-worker told me today that there are people in PG that will pick up all your plastics. Pretty cool. I will get their name and pass it along. I am now know as the Blue Dot Nazi!
Check out my new facebook dot..

TanyaTonge April 14, 2010 - 9:22 pm

My girlfriend Laura (also in the bookclub) swears by "Sandy's" (I think that is what they are called-you can get them at everything baby)…they go from 8-35lbs, and she had/has put 3 kids through them….(her baby is 2 next month, and is still in them, her son, who was 3 in Jan and is HUGE is in them hit & miss I think! Maybe a good option for Felix?


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