Reducing Household Waste: #2 Postpartum & Menstrual Care

by Josée

Day 3 of the Plastics Contest and we have 1 small garbage bag in our trash can. What’s in it? A couple disposable diapers (mostly from Monkey), some disposable (non-flushable) diaper wipes, plastic food wrap, containers and bags and some disposable pads.

Sounds like we have more trash than at my parent’s house but they don’t have two diaper wearing pooping-peeing kids, a woman having a postpartum bleed and another having a menstrual bleed (our Korean student). Clearly we have a disadvantage here! I’m trying to even out the odds though by using my handy dandy cloth pads.

When most women think about cloth pads certain adjectives come to mind: gross, dirty, leaky, stinky, inconvenient, old fashioned and crunchy. Most modern cloth pads aren’t any of those things, except for crunchy, cloth pads are definitely crunchy.

There are a lot of benefits to using cloth pads. They’re healthier than most disposable pads and tampons which often contain fragrances, dyes and bleached paper (Less Toxic Guide). They also save you money (yay!) and are very comfortable.

I use Perfect Pads, made in the US. The only thing that I don’t like about them is I don’t have enough (I only have 6) so I usually use disposable pads while waiting for them to go through the wash. I’ve also had a difficult time finding a Canadian retailer, so far this is the only one I could find (the other Canadian retailers listed on their site no longer carry the product).

How about you? Have you even used cloth pads or has the thought ever crossed your mind? It’s really not that bad, you should try it out!

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