Weekly Menu

by Josée

Last week when I was making dinner (the pot roast) I managed to cut my finger, with my new super sharp knife, and then splatter sizzling oil on my face, neck and arms. I took these injuries as a sign from God that I need to keep things nice a simple for a while. So, you’ll see a lot of repeats in my menu this week. I’ll start trying new exotic things again once we’ve established more daily rhythm and routine with Monkey and Sweetpea.

Saturday: Mushroom pork chops, rice and peas.
Sunday: Chicken fajitas with the fixing 🙂
MondaySlow-cooked beef with red wine.
Tuesday: Beef and veggie stirfry.
Wednesday: Slow-Cooker Baked Beans and sliced fruit and veggies.
Thursday: Vegetable soup and homemade bread.
Friday: Peirogies, sausage and broccoli.

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