When Rabbits Kindle

by Josée

Over the last two days our two female rabbits (does) kindled their second litters. The first time they kindled they lost all their kits, but this was mostly our fault because they didn’t have nest boxes. Story here. This time, however, we built them nice nest boxes and supplied them with lots of nesting material.

Sofia got to building her nest right away. The day before she kindled she had laid out quite the pad. It was nicely lined with fur that she pulled off her belly. Odette, on the other hand, kept on throwing out all the nesting material through her cage (not very smart). We kept on giving her more but she kept on throwing it out. Finally, the day before she started pulling out her fur but her nest box looked like my Husband’s room in university – an unorganized mess!

Sofia kindled first. Right after she kindled I could see the mass of fur covering the kits bobbing up and down. I stuck a couple fingers in her nest today and could feel her warm kits moving around. How exciting! I did pull out one dead kit from her nest. Hopefully there aren’t any more. Odette kindled second, sometime last night. This morning all seven of her kits had died. They were scattered across the nest box barely covered in any fur. I can’t say I’m surprised at the outcome.

Sofia eating a celery top.

We’ll re bread Odette in the nest day or two. Hopefully she’ll figure it out the third time round. If this keeps up over the summer she’ll be joining us at the supper table.


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FrancesEden April 8, 2010 - 4:48 am

Yeah for some kits at last! Sounds like Sofia has got some good maternal sense and those babies should do just fine.
All sorts of new babies in your house, eh?


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