Feeling Sick

by Josée

Feeling ill is never fun. I admit to being somewhat anal-retentive about cleanliness and hygiene (I blame my nursing degree) so I’m always a little annoyed when I get sick. I obsess about how or where I would have been expose to this ridiculous illness that I now have to deal with. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, like the cold I caught a week ago from my brother. We didn’t know he was sick before he blew all those germies on his birthday cake and then we all partook in the propagation of his cold (sounds like something off Stargate).

Anyways, just as I was recovering from this cold I was bombarded by more germs – an infection! I haven’t had a fever in over a decade and I forgot how it just knocks you off your feet. Thank goodness for acetaminophen and antibiotics!

Here’s a picture of me yesterday (my birthday) looking not-so-hot (note the crooked glasses) but burning up inside. So goes life at least I think I’m on the mend now 🙂

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