Weekly Menu

by Josée

Sniffle sniffle… I think I’m coming down with my brother’s cold. A few days ago was his 18th birthday and he never mentioned that he was getting sick. He blew out all the candles on his cake and we all ate the delicious chocolate germ covered cake – yum!

Saturday: Dinner out – we’re giving a talk to engaged couples.
Sunday: Dinner at Hubby’s family.
Monday: Glico curry and rice.
Tuesday: Grilled vegetable quesadilla with salsa and sour cream.
Wednesday: Penne with Roast Tomato Sauce.
Thursday: Hot & sweet drumsticks, rice and asparagus.
Friday: Dinner with family – my Papa’s birthday!

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Jeremie May 3, 2010 - 10:56 pm

Ahhh… the benefits of seeing your wife's menu online! Now either I can expect curry tonight, or maybe there will be a switcheroo… either way sounds great!


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