Flossing and Praying

by Josée

Flossing and praying, these are two things that I have a hard time doing consistently. My dentist encourages me to floss regularly because it prevents gum disease and tooth loss. I know it’s important, I know it’s good for my health, yes I know – but still I slack off. I blame it on my built in retainers, my night time tiredness, my inability to find the floss… My dentist said to me today “your teeth are too beautiful to be wasted away or lost because you aren’t flossing”.

Then I thought, if floss helps maintain the health and beauty if my teeth, what is prayer to my soul? Surely, this mysterious encounter with God helps break off the plaque vice and fills the soul with grace. Is my soul wasting away and becoming lost by my lack of prayer?

We consistently say grace before meals, nighttime prayers with Monkey and go to mass on Sundays. My individual prayer life is… well barely existent. I send up thanks and petitions here and there, but praying regularly is a battle. There are too many distractions. I should be praying now, but I don’t have time because I’m blogging.

So I’ve decided that I should start flossing my teeth in the morning. And praying? I need to find a daily rhythm to develop consistency. Any thoughts? After all, when I face my Creator my teeth won’t be around (at least not for a while).

Visiting my friend. Note the white pearlies 😉

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cindyswobblog July 30, 2010 - 1:01 am

Flossing while praying is a good idea to me – anything to help prayer become more a part of one's day is good. I barely floss as well, and I try hard with prayer but the days are very up and down. My mom said she always prayed a lot when her babies were little – putting them to sleep, feeding them etc. I'm trying to do that, but it's hard to remember all the time. Let me know how floss / prayer works and I'll give it a shot if you have even a bit of success!


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