Learning to Love Clover

by Josée

Two year ago we re-landscaped our front yard. Originally our small front yard had 5 trees, 3 dead cedar bushes and a whole row of prickly bushes on the side. We never had to mow the lawn, because it didn’t grow. After the landscaping was done we were the proud owners of the most beautiful lawn on the block!

Chubby Monkey (8 months) enjoying the new front yard.

Fast forward to the present. Now our neighbours have the nicer lawn. It’s been hot and our front lawn is looking a little crispy. We don’t water it partly because we keep on forgetting and partly because we think it’s a waste of water. We’ve also found some weeds beginning to invade here and there. A couple dandelions and some patches of clover. We don’t use weed killers because it’s play turf and who wants their kids exposed to herbicides?

Then I look at our back yard. If I’m lucky I’ll find a piece of grass. But! It’s beautifully green and covered with white little flowers – clover. Yesterday, I was complaining about our lawns and my Hubby challenged me to rethink my assumptions of the perfect lawn. He pointed out to me that perfectly manicured lawn is unnatural and often environmentally unsustainable and that I need to start appreciating the dead grass and the clover.

Sweetpea enjoying the clover.

It’s true that clover is beneficial for grass and that short of getting rid our lawn (which Hubby would love!) I need to find eco-friendly ways to keep it healthy. Maybe more clover would help our front yard green up a little :o)

What do you think, is the perfect lawn all that it’s cut out to be?


thefirstfouryears July 21, 2010 - 10:40 pm

We had a lawn of clover when I was growing up and I loved it. It was prettier than grass, grew beautiful (edible) flowers and was very soft. Plus– low maintenance (at least the way my dad did it).

Mrs. T July 27, 2010 - 2:24 pm

I think an lawn like a golf green is really overated, and for something that is so "green", it really isn't. I watch my neighbors, as they water their lawn (waste ((IMO) of water), mow it 3-x a week (water of time, gas, power) and fertilize/weed n feed it (an even bigger waste, and while dumping chemical into/onto the ground and groundwater! Ahh!
Our lawn is pesticide and herbicide free. We don't water it. We planted a new lawn in June, and it is coming up nicely…and we will take the clover with the grass! I guess that might make us the "trash" in our neighborhood, but someone has to make the sacrifice 😉


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