Free Apples for Apple Cider

by Josée

Natural Living: The 21st Century Guide to a Self-Sufficient LifestyleAs I drove around town this past week, I noticed trees full of ripe apples. The apples were starting to fall off, begging to be picked. Thoughts of apple cider started to cross my mind, thanks to this book. I became so convinced that making apple cider was a great idea that I sent out mass emails asking people for free apples and when I needed more apples I went to peoples’ houses (that I didn’t know) and asked them for their apples too. Most people were happy to give me their apples once they’d discover I wasn’t trying to sell them anything.

At this point we’ve gathered a couple hundred pounds of apples. We’ve got a few more trees to pick this Saturday and I signed up for the free fruit exchange program our city offers. I’ll need to rent an apple grinder and press soon. I was hoping to do that this weekend but it’s already rented out. I’m a little bummed about this because some of the apples are bruised and I don’t want them to go bad.

We still haven’t decided if we’re going to brew the cider ourselves or bring it to a brewery. We’ve never brewed anything before and have none of the equipment. Hubby would prefer bringing the juice to the brewery because we’d be guaranteed apple cider and not apple cider vinegar. I agree with him on this point. My brother suggested bringing the majority of the juice to the brewery and keeping a little to try fermenting on my own. I like his idea too. It would be nice to know someone who does this. There so much debate on how to make real apple cider. Any thoughts?

My brother helping out with the apple picking.

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Jeremie September 3, 2010 - 6:15 pm

I like the picture! He's waaaay up there.


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