by Josée

Rhythm. When our days and weeks have rhythm family life is less chaotic and more enjoyable. It’s September and I’ve taken my calendar off the fridge. It’s sitting in front of me. I want our weeks to have rhythm and I’m thinking of ways to create rhythm in our home. I’m not interested in micro-managing the minutes of each day, that wouldn’t work for us. I want our rhythm to be flexible, but I want to have something each day that will give it a distinctive… beat. I’m starting to plan beats to the different days of the week. Hopefully, it’ll make a good rhythm…

Kitchen ♪ Menu ♪ Groceries ♪ Baking ♪ Food ♪ Cook ♪ Preserve ♪
Church ♪ Library ♪ Laundry ♪
Art ♪ Explore ♪ Create ♪ Plan ♪
Church ♪ Home ♪ Clean ♪ Wash ♪ Organize ♪ Laundry ♪
Friends ♪ Play ♪ Meet ♪
Farmers’ Market ♪ Gymnastics ♪ Errands ♪ Laundry ♪
Church ♪ Family ♪ Rest ♪

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