Saving Seeds

by Josée

My attempt at growing vegetables this summer ended in a miserable fail. I have no one to blame but myself. I failed to shield the tender plants from the late frost and then failed to water them when the weather got hot. Out of my vegetable garden I got one large zucchini and one pathetic pickling cucumber. I had a bunch of peas but forgot to pick them and they dried out. My dill got infested with aphids and the basil didn’t grow. How embarrassing!

On a positive note, my perennial gardens did well. Just the other day I went out to collect flower seeds for the upcoming spring. I collected poppy seeds, cup and saucer (Cobaea) seeds and diantus seeds. Seed saving is frugality and self-sufficiency in action! It would be neat to save seeds from herbs and vegetables too…if only I could grow them… I’m not giving up though, this coming January I plan to register with Seeds of Diversity and get involved in their seed exchange program. Here’s hoping for a plentiful harvest next year.


Jeremie September 20, 2010 - 11:45 pm

Don't worry, one day I'm sure you'll be a great vegetable grower!

Mrs. T September 21, 2010 - 5:50 pm

Like most things, I guess it is a work in progress….(like the baby you had in March, along with a toilet training toddler :)….start over next year….the good thing is, there is nowhere to go but up! 🙂
Our gardens are done (being built), this weekend we will be filling them. We would (again) be happy to take any spare bunny-poo off your hands!
We are already planning to buy a ph-testing kit, and to tweak our soil in each level for specific veggies, and I am currently reading both a companion planting book and the book "gardening between frosts"…now the difficulty is in narrowing it down to specific veggies…I want to grow EVERYTHING! 🙂


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