The Simple Woman’s Daybook

by Josée

Outside My Window… it’s 5 degrees Celsius, sunny and the sky is clear.

I am thinking… of Rachael, Jonathan and their families… still no news.

I am thankful for… the opportunity to stay home with my children.

From the kitchen… Yesterday I finished canning 40 lbs of pears. I still have a tub of bruised apples to make into apple sauce or apple butter and I’d like to try making some grape jelly.

I am wearing… my PJs. It’s been a slow morning.

I am creating… plans for the next couple months: activities, feast days and crafts.

I am going… to vacuum my house this morning. I can’t procrastinate any longer or the dust balls will mutate into monsters and take over.

I am reading… The Read-Aloud Handbook: Sixth Edition but I’m supposed to be reading The Inheritance of Loss for our upcoming book club meeting.

I am hoping... praying, hoping, praying that they find Rachael and Jonathan.

I am hearing… Sanctus Real – I’m Not Alright on youtube.

Around the house… things are disorganized and it’s driven me nuts. I need to bring some stuff to the second hand store and get things in order around here.

One of my favorite things… buttered toast and a slice of cheese 🙂

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: my FIL’s birthday, Monkey’s first class of gymnastics and cleaning up the yard.

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Jeremie September 17, 2010 - 12:11 am

The mothball comment made me laugh 🙂


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