The Swap Shed

by Josée

At our municipal dump we have a swap shed. Usually, it’s a spot for items that are not thrift store worthy but not quite trash. We brought our old barely functional dryer there and today I dropped off a mirror with a chip in the corner. Normally I don’t look around in the shed. It’s dirty, smelly and crowded with old furniture, TVs and other odds and ends. But the last two trips I made, I picked up the courage to walk in and scan the area. I looked into a box and found a Lamaze Spike the Dinosaur. It was filthy, so I carefully grabbed it by the tail and brought it home where it was tossed into the washing machine. Other than dirt the toy was in near perfect condition and Sweetpea loves it.

And today I when I walked in I saw a huge pile of canning jars! I sifted trough them and came home with 65 beautiful canning jars. Some of the jars are older and have designs I’ve never seen before. You never know what you might find at the swap shed. I’ve learned that It doesn’t hurt to check it out.

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