Wasting Food

by Josée

Waste: Uncovering the Global Food ScandalA while back I read Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal. This book examines the massive amounts of food wasted by developed nations. It’s an interesting read.

When I see food waste it makes me cringe. I hate throwing food away because it’s not only the food that’s being wasted but all the time and energy that was put into growing it and getting it to us. Interestingly, those that waste the most food are not individuals but farmers and supermarkets. I’m not trying to say that we individuals shouldn’t take responsibility for food waste, far from it.

Let’s face it. We all waste food. How much food do you throw away every week? Why did the food go bad? Why wasn’t it used? That reminds me, I have some buttermilk to use up.

Reducing food waste is possible. Here are a few helpful tips for reducing food waste in your home.

1. Be aware of what food you are throwing out and change your habits accordingly. Are you draining away half a liter of milk each week? Buy a smaller milk jug next time you go grocery shopping.

2. Clean out your fridge weekly and take stock of what you have. The best time to do this is before you go to the grocery store.

3. Place food items that need to be used in obvious spots. The front of the fridge or on the counter-top work well.

4. Freeze it, dry it or Transform it! Bread ends can be left out to dry and then crumbled into bread crumbs. Extra herbs can be dried or frozen into to ice cubes. Whipping cream can easily be turned into butter. Leftover tomato paste can be frozen in Tbsp. portions on a tray. Old bananas can be frozen peeled or unpeeled for baking or smoothies. The list is endless!

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