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by Josée

My parents are gone on a three week road trip in search for sunshine. They plan on driving down through the Western states until then find sun and warmth…I heard them say something about Arizona.

With my parents gone I predict we’ll see a lot of my younger sister and brother. Only a few days ago my brother asked me “what’s the plan when mom and dad go on their trip?”. I was confused for a second then I understood what he was really asking “who is going to make me dinner when mom and dad are gone?”. My brother is 18… Well little bro here’s our menu for the week 😉

Day 1: Chicken enchiladas, Mexican rice and refried beans. Chocolate Ice Cream.
Day 2: Cauliflower sauce with garlic, oil and chili pepper (Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking p.172) over penne with sauteed swiss chard and oven baked squash.
Day 3: Cabbage rolls and boiled red potatoes with sour cream.
Day 4: Rabbit Armando, boiled potatoes and baked squash.
Day 5: Risotto and garden salad.
Day 6: Baked green lasagna with meat sauce (Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking p.215-216)

My brother.

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Jeremie September 8, 2010 - 8:47 pm

Here are a few other good sounding rabbit recipes! Italian cooking calls for rabbit 😀
Rabbit alla Caciatora Barese
Stuffed Rabbit: Coniglio Arrotolato


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