Assembling a Home Management Binder

by Josée

I like writing lists and keeping records, but my notebooks, binders and papers are everywhere (read: disorganization). Disorganization is not my friend; it can put a serious damper on my day. So, I decided that it was time get organized and make a home management binder!

Making a Home Management Binder

Step 1: Grab a binder, something sturdy and well built. I got one that zips closed so that loose sheets don’t come flying out every time I pick it up. Decorate it if you want.

Step 2: Get some study dividers. I went with thick plastic dividers so that they’ll hold up against a lot of use.

Step 3: Brainstorm. Start thinking about what you want to put into the binder.

There a some great resources out there: check Control Journal for step by step starting up tips.

Also, get some Blogspirations:

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Step 4: Section off your binder with your dividers.

My binder has the following sections:
  • Rhythm [weekly, monthly and yearly, liturgical calendar]
  • Home [cleaning, checklists, to-do]
  • Finance [budget, savings, coupons, frugality]
  • Community [emergency, contacts, events]
  • Food Preservation [canning, freezing and dehydrating records]
  • Wine Making [records and outcomes]
  • Gardening [records, plans and ideas]
  • Abbot’s Rabbits [pedigree and breeding records]

Step 5: Gather forms, calendars, checklist, paper, notebooks or any other material to fill in each section. also has some useful printable checklists and calendars.
Print out a monthly expense sheet here or here.
Perhaps you need a simple wine making log or a rabbit pedigree print out? Or not.

Step 6: Use the binder. Fill in the sheets, check off the checklists… 
There’s a saying that goes ‘A done garden is a dead garden’. I think that a home management binder is like a garden in that sense. You’re never truly done your home management binder. It’s something that will continuously change and evolve as your family does.

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Jenn October 23, 2010 - 9:35 am

Wow Josee, you're so organized! I'm envious. I'm one of those people that gets a new diary every January with the intention to have everything written down so I'll never forget or be late. There's rarely an entry past February 🙂 Your management binder looks great 🙂

Taylor at Household Management 101 November 4, 2010 - 12:51 pm

Thanks for linking to my site. I am glad you found the printables and checklists helpful. You look like you've done a great job with your notebook, and I like the idea that it is never done. That is so true because your notebook will evolve as your life and family evolve and change too.

thefirstfouryears November 4, 2010 - 4:41 pm

You are officially my organization inspiration. Sigh… I long to be like that. Maybe one of these days?


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