Weekly Menu

by Josée

It’s been awhile since my last weekly menu post. I’ve been trying to clear out the freezers before our next pork and beef orders arrive. Each year we order half a pig and a quarter cow from a local farmer. It isn’t cheaper than buying discounted meat from who knows where, but I think it’s worth it. I know the farmers and I know how the animals were raised and treated. I can even go visit the happy animals that will eventually end up in my happy freezer. Hopefully by the end of this week the freezers will be ready.

Here my menu for the week.

Day 1: Roast beef, smashed galicky potatoes and steamed broccoli.
Day 2: Cream of roasted cauliflower soup and homemade bread.
Day 3: Tuscan pasta with hare sauce Forgotten Skills of Cooking: The Time-Honored Ways are the Best – Over 700 Recipes Show You Why p.143
Day 4: Miso Soup with Sweet Potato Dumplings.
Day 5: Spinach lasagna rolls.

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cindyswobblog November 16, 2010 - 9:04 pm

The spinach rolls sound yummy and easy!


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