Winter Has Begun

by Josée

Winter has come with full vengeance. Today has been a cold and blustery day. It’s -10C (14 F) with 50  Km/h winds so it feels more like -20C (-4F). The snow drifts under the carport are already a foot deep and the rabbits are hiding away in their boxes. My garden has disappeared under the fresh snow (a sad thing) and so has the patchy lawn (a good thing). I still managed to pack up the kids and go to playgroup and was surprised to see so many kids there. I suppose there’s no point hiding out, winter has just begun.

These are not my real winter boots.
The snow is deep.
The winds are cruel.
Looks like Hubby forgot to fix this 🙂

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cindyswobblog November 18, 2010 - 4:19 pm

It's been cold and snowy in Kamloops too – looks like we're in for a cold one!


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