Yarn Along (no.2)

by Josée

Oh my, it’s Wednesday and I almost forgot! Ginny at Small Things is hosting her yarn along today. This week I’m starting socks or a hat or something (I’m checking the gauge first) in a rustic brown yarn that I picked up at a garage sale and reading A Tailor-Made Bride.

I finished my sister’s birthday gift just in time. I made her a pair of ankle socks using The Purl Bee’s Pom Pom Peds sock pattern (minus the pom poms). And with the socks I included a silly little poem.

These socks were made especially for you,
Knit one, purl one, my needles flew.
Each stitch even, each stitch tight,
Knitting on into the night.
Unravelling yarn at my feet,
One row, two rows and then repeat.
Shades of green, purple and blue,
Thinking and praying of happiness for you.
One sock done, onto the next,
Now the pattern seems less complex.
Oh dear, a mistake, it needs to be fixed,
Go in reverse, straighten out what was mixed.
Almost done these special socks,
Time runs short, reminds the clocks.
Close the toe, hide the ends,
Time to depart, my special friends.
Before we depart I must name thee,
Something magical, from a world of fantasy.
Son of the wolf, protector, and strong,
Weylin, that’s it, I can’t be wrong.
And now my gift to you,
Weylin socks to wear in your shoe.
May they keep you warm, lift your heart,
And show the love that I impart.

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