Infant Ear Infections

by Josée

Every time Sweetpea gets sick with a cold she develops an ear infection. I dread it when her nose starts to run, like it has today. Monkey has never had an ear infection so I was taken off guard with Sweetpea’s first one. I don’t understand why Sweetpea is so susceptible. She is still being breastfed and we don’t smoke. I guess it must have something to do with her ear anatomy.

The worst part is that her ear infections always end with a ruptured eardrum. I try to be proactive to avoid this from happening. I’ve read Dr. Sears advice on ear infections and have made some garlic oil to put into her ear. Last time it may have helped a little but eventually her ear started discharging again and our physician prescribed another round of antibiotics. I’ve read the majority (80%) of uncomplicated ear infections will resolve in four to seven days without antibiotics. But do uncomplicated ear infections include ruptured eardrums? Probably not. Nonetheless, I don’t like giving Sweetpea too many antibiotics either.

Tomorrow I plan to pick up some infant echinacea and perhaps a different kind of ear-drop. Hopefully this won’t be round three!

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cindyswobblog December 4, 2010 - 6:09 am

Please PLEASE let me know how the echinacea and ear drops work – we've also had lots of trouble with ear infections – Bunny has had two, and I think she has developed another – we're going to the doctor's on Monday. It's so frustrating, because from what I know too, there is really nothing one can do to help avoid them. My mom has also told me that sometimes it isn't even so much an infection, as it is a build up of fluid in the ear, which is also painful. She recommended to me that we see a ear – nose – throat specialist, because then you can find out if your little one's ears are susceptable, and maybe put tubes in? I dont' know what to do either … hope your ideas work!


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