Library Time – Favorite Picture Book Authors

by Josée

I go to the library once a week, sometimes twice if some exciting books are being held for me. Sometimes I go with the little ones, other times I slip out when Hubby is home and the little ones are in bed. I always return with a bulging bag of books and a sore back. Hubby tells me to buy one of those shopping bags on wheels but I think a this collapsible cargo crate would work even better.

Reading aloud holds a special place in our daily rhythm. It usually happens sometime after lunch but before quiet time. It’s the only time Monkey will sit beside me and snuggle. This moment of our day is precious.

We enjoy a variety of books. Mostly picture books right now, fiction and some non-fiction. Sometimes I choose pictures books that are more complex and I’m often surprised by Monkey’s interest in them. There are definitely authors that we return to on a regular basis. These are books that I would gladly have in our home library and when I find them at a thrift store I experience a serious rush.

Every family has favorite authors and these tend change as children grows and interests shift. I’d like to share a few of our favorite authors from over the last year.

Monkey and I really enjoy book by Jez Alborough, especially the Bear books: Where’s My Teddy?My Friend BearIt’s the Bear!, and the Duck books: Duck in the TruckFix-it DuckHit the Ball Duck, and Super Duck.

Artwork by Jez Alborough

Books about bears are popular with Monkey so naturally we also like Karma Wilson’s bear books: Bear Wants MoreBear Feels ScaredBear Feels SickBear’s New Friend, and Stella Blackstone’s bear books: Bear About Town and Bear on a Bike.

Graeme Base is an amazing artist and his pictures are so vivid and interesting. We’ve spent a lot of time looking at AnimaliaThe Legend of the Golden Snail and The Water Hole.


We’ve also become a recent fan of Ruth Sanderson when we came across her enchantingGoldilocks book.

Ruth Sanderson’s Goldilocks
Now that I’ve shared a few of our favourite authors, who is popular at your house right now?

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