The IceMan – Six Days Away!

by Josée
I managed to do my last 5 km run in 30.10 minutes! Hurrah!

Unfortunately, my sciatic nerve has been bothering me. I starting having this issue (along with lower back pain and shoulder pain) when Monkey was about 6 months. The original injury happened while hauling my heavy Monkey (22 lbs at 5 months) in a heavy 15lb car seat. I guess I wasn’t invincible to hauling around 40+lbs on a daily basis. There’s nothing wrong with my spine but certain things seem to aggravate the injury and running seems to be one of them. The things is, I’m probably not running with the best stance. Hmmm…

Alas! Only 6 days left, and then I’ll focus more on strengthening my core muscles. I really want to overcome my injuries.

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Jenn February 8, 2011 - 12:12 pm

Wow – 6 days left. Sorry to hear you're struggling with that nerve, must make training a struggle. Good luck with the next few days and the race!


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