Weekly Menu

by Josée

I like trying new flavours and combinations. Sometimes my experiments end… ummmm… disastrous, but sometimes they turn out to be wonderful. Take kimchi for example. When I made my first batch of kimchi a few weeks ago I wasn’t sure about the outcome. According to our Student the kimchi is “mmm…good” but my taste buds didn’t register the greatness of this spicy-fishy fermented cabbage. What it did do was give me a glimpse into why Student thinks my smoky-spicy chili tastes weird.

The funny thing is, the more I tried the kimchi, the more I grew to like it. And then today something surprising happened, I craved kimchi (and no I’m not expecting). I craved it so much I decided to include it in my tuna-avocado sandwich. And yum! what an amazing combination!

Day 1: Slow-cooker chili and rice.
Day 2: Mushroom pizza.
Day 3: Rabbit in white wine, pasta and roasted carrots.
Day 4: Japanese curry, rice and steamed broccoli.
Day 5: Potstickers, stir fried veggies and miso soup.
Day 6: Corn chowder and biscuits.

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