Early Spring Line Drying

by Josée

It feels like spring is slow to arrive up here in the North. Wait! That’s because it does! As you might have guessed I am desperate for Spring. Mix desperation and a little impatience together, and envision me trying to rush nature along. I don’t go so far as shoveling snow off my yard into the street, but I do have a habit of prodding at any dirt around (repetitively) to see if the ground is thawing. I’m happy to say that I’ve found a few spots that yield.

Today I decided that 8 degrees Celsius (46F) was warm enough to take out my clothespins and hang Sweetpea’s diapers to dry. I’ve heard countless stories of my grandmother hanging sheets to dry outside in -30C weather. Sublimation, apparently that’s how it works. Thank goodness I’m not planning to sublimate Sweetpea’s diapers. But, they still won’t be dry until some time tomorrow or maybe even the next day. Nevertheless, seeing them hang outside makes it feel like Spring is here.

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Elisa April 8, 2011 - 4:31 pm

Awesome! I have been wanting to hang Jake's diapers out, they are super stained and I hear the sun will just bleach them, but I haven't gotten my husband to hang a line. We have to figure something out.


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