Giveaway Winners!

by Josée

Thanks again to everyone for participating this week. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Easter. I’ve chosen the giveaway winners using, and here are the lucky winners:

Day Two: Reusable cloth produce bags (Kootsacs)

#9 Yellow Finch Designs who said “I tweeted about this giveaway :)”

Day Three: Swimmi resuable swim diaper (CozyBums)

# 7 Caedmen who said “I would love to switch to cloth napkins.”

Day Four: Hydrapak and Socks (Summerside)

#2 Rob who said “I would say that this week, I don’t aim to get more exercise, but simply maintain my level. Given the weather forecast, I am looking forward to doing more outside though. Bring on summer!”

Day Five: Stainless steel food storage container (The Tickle Trunk)

#11 Tanya who said “We strive to reduce all plastics in our home-but it can be a hard thing to do! I use fabric snack bags and lined sandwhich wappers, re-useable drink containers and other reusable containers. With one child in school full time and a hubby who takes a lunch 5x week, our goal was to have both lunches be litterless. For the most part, we have been very sucessful. I find the hardest area to reduce plastic is at the grocery store-so much fruit seems to come in packaging. I no longer automatically place my potatoes etc into the plastic bags provided, I would never buy bagged bananas (really, why?!), but I have yet to find a source of berries that does not involve plastic packaging (except for at a u-pick farm, and that is seasonally limited). I would love anything on the website! ;)”

Day Six: Bib (Sew North Gifts)

#4 Anonymous who said “This reminds me of a project I’d like to do with a pair of old, worn jeans…make a bag out of the upper end by cutting off the legs and sewing it closed along the bottom; then make a carrying strap out of the leg pieces that are still intact! ~christine (you know who)”

Day Seven: Wool dryer balls ( and reusable snack baggies (kreenZart)

#3 Domestic Diva who said “The Green Sheep’s wool mattress pad looks like a great way to keep baby dry and comfy”

Congratulations! I have sent each of you an email, if you did not receive it please let me know 🙂

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caedmen April 25, 2011 - 8:31 pm

Thanks a ton! emailed you:)


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