A Surprise Book! Mennonite Girls Can Cook

by Josée

I love surprises. When I went out to water the rabbits this morning there was a box leaning on my door. My sister has been ordering books from amazon.ca and picking them up at our place. I figured it was another one of her books… until I looked at the name. It was my name on the box but I couldn’t remember putting in an order to amazon. I opened the box with glee. The moment I saw the cover of Mennonite Girls Can Cook I knew who it was from – thank you Jo-Ann you are such a dear friend!

Even in the midst of my crazy packing for our camping trip I managed to take a peek inside the cookbook. I have yet to thoroughly read it, but I can already tell that there are a lot of recipes that I want to try, especially the Wareneki recipe on page 90.

Mennonite Girls Can Cook also have a blog. Check it out. Once you wipe the drool away you’ll want to start cooking; their recipes look delicious!

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Anneliese June 2, 2011 - 4:30 am

I was checking out what amazon had to say and found your blog. Thank you for sharing your joy in this way! Happy Cooking!


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