Country Chicks

by Josée

The chicks are three weeks old. Where did those cute chicks go and who left behind these ugly things? Sometimes I wonder if these chicks are part robot, something like a cyborg. They’re so crazy! When I walk in to feed them they get so excited, but they still have food in their feeders. I think it’s strange.

This morning when I went to feed and water the chicks I noticed something strange. There was a balding chick hopping around. Unless this particular chick is aging abnormally fast, I figured that there was something amiss. I took a closer look and saw this:

Pecking. Clearly it was time for their final move to the country. Unfortunately, our Papa carpenter is still in Florida. He was supposed to return Wednesday, then it was going to be this morning, which got delayed again to Saturday night. Let’s just say it wasn’t just the chicks who were feeling a little peck-ish after hearing this news. The chicks had to move but the coop wasn’t finished.

With some poly plastic and insulation we managed to get the coop ready for the chicks. It took us two hours and we finished just as the rain started to come down. They seem much happier with all the extra space. I just hope that they’ll stay warm enough at night.

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Elizabeth May 21, 2011 - 2:20 pm

What type of chickens do you have?

Josée May 21, 2011 - 3:07 pm

We have thirty five cornish rock giants (broilers).


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