Reflecting on Motherhood

by Josée

May is a busy month for our family. With the snow finally gone we’re able to start preparing the garden for planting. It’s so nice to be outside. The rabbitry is busy with all the growing kits and even our basement is filled with the sounds of tweeting chicks. Spring is here! And along with Spring also comes a slew of birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate. With everything going on it’s too easy for me to forget about the celebration of mother’s day. But this year I want to take more than a “Hallmark-card” moment to think about motherhood.

The month of May is a perfect time to reflect on motherhood. Not only do we celebrate mother’s day on May 8th but traditionally this month is dedicated to Mary. Mary was specially chosen by God to be the mother of His son Jesus. It was through her humility, obedience, faith, hope and burning charity that Jesus was able to come into the world and offer us Salvation (Lumen gentium). Mary is a beautiful example motherhood for women.

So for the month of May I’m going to be blogging about motherhood. There will be some book reviews, maybe some giveaways and hopefully some things to think about.

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