Bottling Wine

by Josée

Last fall I attempted to make home made apple and peach wine. Both were a huge failure and one (the peach wine) exploded all over the storage room leaving peach juice stains on the ceiling – what a mess!  I figured making wine couldn’t be that difficult, and really fermenting juice isn’t. Making it taste half decent, well that’s another story. I should have heeded the brewery’s warning to start with a wine kit.

Since I had already purchased a primary fermenter, carboys, hydrometer, siphon… you get the idea… I had to try making wine again. Picking out a wine kit was a safe decision. I picked out a Grand Cru Gewurztraminer kit (white wine) from the local brewery and started it five weeks ago. Yesterday, we bottled the wine.
Sterilized wine bottles.
The wine came out to just under $4 a bottle, and tastes much better than the cheaper wines you can purchase at the liquor store, which is all we can afford most of the time.
We filtered the wine, which added a little extra to cost, but it made the wine crystal clear.
The pre-filtered wine.
The filtered wine.
Once we figured out how to siphon the wine through the auto-siphon, much wine gulping was involved on my part, the bottling went quickly.
And now we have 29 bottles of delicious Gewurztraminer.

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Jane June 6, 2011 - 11:43 am

Jealous! I love Gewurzt! In Ontario you can have the brewery stores make the wine kit for you…apparently we like that option…we had to do it ourselves in Alberta b/c it was illegal for stores to make the kit for you. Quite the adventure, enjoy!


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