Living Simply: Linen and Coat Closets

by Josée

This week I’m working on the coat and linen closets. The coat closet is quite empty but I need to do something about my growing collection of cloth bags.

I do need to simplify the linen closet. There are old towels that need to be donated or put downstairs for rags. A few items in the closet I never use and are still brand new from our wedding. I need to get rid of these but I’m not sure how just yet. 
Elisa is taking a break from organizing this week, but hopefully she’ll be back next week.

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Elisa June 30, 2011 - 2:32 am

I keep all my cloth bags folded in the largest cloth bag. I keep them stored in the car so I can take them in when I go grocery shopping. I'll definitely be back next week!


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