Living Simply: Living Room Reveal

by Josée

I had so many goals and plans for this room. I did declutter and organize the shelves. As you can see there are a few new baskets on the shelf for toys. They’re pretty much empty, but they look pretty. I did go through the books, multiple times, and put aside a box of children’s books for our upcoming kid’s sale. Two of the plants got the boot and are patiently waiting outside my door to get composted.

However, I looked for an end table all week. I dragged the little ones through department stores, thrift stores and garage sales. I didn’t find what I was looking for. We’ll try the antique store sometime this week but this will be my last stop. If there’s no end table there the prayer table will be on hold for now.

The fireplace and wall dents aren’t fixed like. I did puddy the holes but that’s as far as it got. The living room continues to be a work in progress.

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Elisa June 28, 2011 - 3:58 pm

I love it! It's soo pretty and open and sunny. For your end table…have you heard of Ana White? She builds furniture and shows you how. You guys seems like pretty handy people (butchering chickens & all 😉 so I bet you can find a nice little end table on her page.


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